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Fox Specialist

Be it forks, shocks, air or coil, your suspension units take a huge amount of abuse and the average service interval is often over looked causing a considerable amount of damage and cost.

From a basic check over, seal or oil change to a full strip down or race tune, we can service your fox forks and shocks in house with a quick turn around time and a personal service, custom tailored to suit your needs.

FOX Forks Price List


(All costs exclude any postage costs incurred)

Service with Suspension Forks £120

Starting from £120 for Hardtails with Forks

As the Standard Service but with a full strip down and rebuild of the front Forks, new wipers and oil.

Service with Front & Rear Shocks £160

Rear shock stripped and rebuilt with new seals. New bushings fitted to mounts. Forks stripped and rebuilt with new wipers and oils.