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Servicing and Repair

If you could enjoy your bike more, you would ride it more, harder, faster and further.

You and your bike are what matters; White Mountain Biking work with you to achieve your aims and your goals. We will support you all the way, no matter how far and how fast you want to go.

White Mountain Biking will work with you at a time that suits you. Open 7 days a week, via appointment means you don’t need to rush on over, just call ahead when you have time.

SHIMANO, SRAM, Campagnolo, Electronic or Mechanical Groupsets, we can work on them. 

From Companies like, Absolute Black, Enduro Bearings, Hope, Invisiframe, Kinesis to Wheels Mfg ,  Zipp and many others, White Mountain Biking will work with you on achieving your goal.